Listing Preparation Checklist

  • Consider repainting front door, any peeling exterior wood/trim
  • Make sure house address numbers are visible
  • Make sure entry light, doorbell, and front door locks work
  • Paint, clean and/or repair gutters
  • Repair loose shingles on house and roof
  • Wash windows
  • Clear your house of all clutter and items you don’t need
  • Repaint interior as needed
  • Clean everything with special attention to kitchen and baths
  • Clean appliances, surfaces, walls
  • Consider replacing/updating fixtures
  • Arrange/fold clothes and closet items neatly and reduce clutter
  • Clean and organize basement, attic and garage
  • Fix any squeaks and leaks
  • Repair squeaky steps, wobbly banisters
  • Consider servicing and cleaning the furnace
  • Repair or clean caulking around tubs and sinks
  • Tighten loose doorknobs, light switches and cabinet hinges
  • Kill mold and mildew on house, sidewalks, roof, driveway
  • Pressure wash dirty siding and dingy decks
  • Trim tree limbs near or touching your or your neighbor’s roof
  • Install new bright light bulbs where needed
  • Consider adding colorful flowers in the front yard or on porch


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