What Can You Expect From Us As Your Buyer’s Agent?

  • Protection and Representation
    There are a lot of complex legal and financial issues that can arise during a Real Estate transaction. We are here to protect your interests, educate you on what a seller needs to disclose to you, keep you informed on timelines and assist you in understating the financial aspects involved in buying a home.
  • Neighborhood and Market Knowledge
    We will do a very detailed report of comparables to help you in determining a fair offer price.  We will compile homes recently sold in the subject property’s area that are not only similar in number of bedrooms and baths and square footage, but also criteria such as what the total living area is, how a home’s layout compares, room sizes, condition, age, updating/remodeling, and specific location of the property. Our expertise of the Portland area, knowledge of the neighborhoods, and having completed hundreds of CMA’s over the years will assist in determining a home’s fair market value.
  • Negotiation
    With successfully having closed more than 100 transactions we have learned how to be tough negotiators. We are here to help negotiate the best deal for you; in every part of the transaction.  This starts with the initial offer on through price and terms, repairs, closing timelines and whatever comes up in between.  We will use our tools and experience to get you the best deal possible on your new home.
  • Anticipation of Potential Problems or Conflicts
    It is not always possible to prevent issues that can arise during a Real Estate transaction.  What helps is having the knowledge to predict what may come up.  Having experience in trouble-shooting these issues is what it takes to get things back on track.  We are here to communicate to all parties in the transaction including the co-opting Realtor, the lender, the escrow person and any other parties involved if there are a string of contingent sales closing together. We will keep you prepared every step of the way.
  • Availability
    We are available when you need us – period.  We work full time meaning weekday, weekends, evenings and holidays.  You can reach us by office phone, cell phone, email, fax, facebook message, text, website… Our schedules are flexible with a focus on the client being our first priority.
  • Resource for Improvements & Repairs
    Should improvements and/or repairs become a part of your pre-sale or mid-transaction needs, we have a list of trusted handymen, sewer contractors, inspectors, electricians, roofers, foundation experts, and on and on. Just ask for a list of recommendations.
  • Coordination of Closing
    There are many parties involved and details that need coordinating when facilitating the closing of a Real Estate Transaction.  We are here to help you meet the requirements and deadlines of the contract so your home sale closes on time and trouble free!

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