Services We Provide for Our Buyers

  • Availability (working with your schedule for property showings, phone calls & general needs).
  • Years of experience closing sales with buyers and sellers.
  • Market and neighborhood knowledge.
  • Organization by keeping you informed of important time-lines throughout the transaction.
  • Thorough research (ie. compiling a  CMA + market area statistics to help figure out a fair sales price).
  • Tough negotiation skills in regards to price, terms, repairs and all other details.
  • Ethical and professional dealings with all parties to the transaction.
  • Education on property disclosures and what to beware of.
  • Resourcefulness when it comes to hiring qualified professionals to provided bids for any repair issues that arise.
  • Trouble-shooting skills with any issues that arise during the transaction.
  • Ability to keep a calm composure through any bumps in the road that may present themselves.
  • Cooperation with the other agent and parties to the transaction.
  • A love for each aspect of what we do and a commitment to be there for you throughout the entire process, from beginning to close.

Detailed list of what you can expect from us as your buyer’s agent.

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